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Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Home

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Value comes from two places: how much enjoyment you get out of the new renovation, and how much resale value it adds to your home. Even if one of these items won’t give you the financial return you thought it might. If it’s something you will use and love for years to come, well that’s value too. ( #resalevalue )

Exterior Landscaping

You want to impress the potential buyers as soon as they walk up to your house. Maintain a well-kept lawn, it will go a long way. Take care of your walkway, front steps, front door, including the garage door and any side doors. Make sure entryways are safe, secure, and properly lit. You could take on your own landscape projects, but proceed carefully. What you don’t want to do is mess up the grading around your property. Water is meant to flow away from your home, and even a seemingly small project, like adding a new garden, can have unforeseen effects on how your yard handles water. You may want to consider hiring a landscape designer to improve your curb appeal.

Entry Door

They say first impressions are everything, and the first thing a home buyer will see when they visit your home, is your front door. It’s a big contributor to your overall curb appeal. You may consider giving it a bit of an upgrade, by installing a new fiberglass door or new coat of paint on your existing door. Replacing the hardware will add another level of “wow” when it comes to first impressions. Smart locks are a great option, they add convenience, safety and value to the home.

Replace your Garage Door

Replacing an old garage door will improve your curb appeal. It’s one of the first things people will notice when they walk up to your house and it is an upgrade that will recoup the cost of the project.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

A manufactured stone veneer project remains high on the list of valuable home updates. It provides a modern look at an acceptable price whether you are hiring out the work, or doing DIY.

Repaint Your Interior

If you are capable of taking on the painting yourself, this is the most cost effective way to spruce up the inside of your home. Or update an old popcorn ceiling. A fresh coat of paint instantly transforms your space. Stick to neutral colors as they are pleasing to most people

Upgrading Hardware

I am talking about your door hardware, your kitchen cabinets and your bathroom vanity hardware. It’s an inexpensive job, and most homeowners can do it themselves. These small upgrades can make your house look modern

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

If a full kitchen renovation is not in your budget, you can have your cabinets resurfaced, as long as they are in good condition. Even minor kitchen renovations will elevate the look of your home.

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens are the new multi-purpose room. Not only do they need to accommodate the cook, they also serve as a workstation for kids and adults, a gathering space for family meals and dinner parties. While kitchen lighting plays a big role in setting the mood for these tasks, it’s easy to come up with a custom solution to suit your family’s needs and the restraints of the existing wiring. Energy efficient and smart lights are a value-added feature and will increase energy savings, which will be attractive to a potential buyer.

I also recommend installing lights on a dimmer so you can easily change up the ambiance.

Small Upgrades for Your Bathroom

If it’s just an upgrade you’re looking to do, like replacing the tub, the toilet and sink and adding a fresh coat of paint, you won’t need any permits. But even small changes like replacing old caulking, changing the towel racks, storage and hardware can help modernize your bathroom.

Fix Damaged Floors

The #1 most important repair to make before selling: Fix damaged flooring. Scratched-up wood flooring; ratty, outdated carpeting, and tired linoleum make your home feel sad. Buyers might take one step inside and scratch the property from their list. ... Install new flooring.

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